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Tips for single

The way you dress determine your values, people are stimulated by sight, decency is a way of life, people will address you the way you’re dressed, dress like a ho! And you’ll be treated like one.

Ladies hair plays a significant role in connecting with the right partner because their hair is a glory to them, their hairstyle add beauty to the way they look.

Never wear dresses that will expose your body, everything that must be treasured must be covered, you can’t find gold on the surface, we have to dig deep before we discover gold, likewise diamond or precious stones, so a body that’s exposed can not be treasured, anything that’s exposed hath lost its value.


unknowingly to some people, with just a little statement like “I LOVE YOU” or ” I WILL MARRY YOU” is some of the strongest oat that can tie you with someone and that yoke may prevent you from your right partner.

and some when they suffer a heart-break made a vow never to love or ever marry again but when the wound are healed it becomes a problem getting someone to marry them.

these are some of the critical issues in relationship that i will be sharing about in my next post.



Vast majority of happy,successful couples meet their partners in ordinary places as they go about their routine for everyday living or they meet them through close friends ,colleagues or through relations, it is quite possible that your future partner is right under your nose……. take a look around you………


it’s your right to marry


Many people are having their relationship transformed by getting the right information, the value you place on getting information will determine the level of transformation you experience and how soon you get the right partner after falling several times……

please look forward for more tips on relationship and marriage,

your marriage will succeed


Goddy Amaka

5 amazing love messages to your partner

communication is a success tools you must master if you want your relationship to succeed, little line of message will conveyed a powerful connection between you and your partner, these are few messages you can send to your partner to keep your relationship aglow.

1,            Good morning is not only a greeting, it’s also a prophetic order that your days will be good, you’ll achieve your dreams, meet your vision and have peace! GOOD MORNING TO YOU.

2,              A real friend is someone who brings out the best in you, thanks for being a wonderful friend to  me.

3,             This year, the world around you shall celebrate you, have a pleasant day at work.

4,            The light of God shall radiate round you and men shall come to your light, go out there and shine!

5,           Favor is the flavor that adds color to a man’s labor, a day of favor is more than a life time of labor, may you be favor by God and man today, have a nice day.

Go ahead and send those messages to your partner and it’ll work wonder in your relationship/marriage.

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Goddy Amaka

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how to find your wife

He that finds a wife,has found a good thing and obtain favor of the lord

To tell the truth,its take a lot of work to find a virtues and righteous wife,finding the right partner is not like finding someone to help you survive a lonely summer……….

its means finding a lady that you can see yourself growing old with and loving twenty,fifty or more years down the line together,so what does it take to find a good wife

1,    finding takes hard work

2,    you need the help of the Holy Spirit

3,    it requires honesty and sincerity

4,    you must find someone you’re compatible with physically,emotionally,mentally and spiritually.

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Have you been disappointed in your relationship before?have you suffered rejection in the hand of someone you love so early?

relationship management strategysome men can not be trusted,some are players,some are not ready for serious relationship and they have a way to let you believe that truly in love with you but at last  they walk out of your life and cause a major heartbreak for you.

Many have suffered a lot in the hand of pretenders and you may have been in several fake relationship and vowed never to give your heart to anyone anymore.

But, wait a minute,if there are fake lovers,there must be some genuine lovers also,don’t you think? and if you close your heart against every prospective toaster,you may miss your right partner.

OK,what should I do? you may ask,

The point is you’re still hurt from your past relationship and you can’t keep on like that,you need to forget about the past.

but it’s not easy to forget about the past,you may say,”every time I remember the past,i feel a rush of hatred toward the opposite sex?…………yes, we understand but you must move on,leave the past behind,there are things you can do that will make you forget about him fast and help you focus on the future.

pls join us tomorrow as we unleash step by step strategies on how to forget about the past.

you will succeed in your relationship.

Many people are having their relationship transformed by getting the right information. The value you place on getting information will determine the level of transformation you experience and how soon you get the right partner after failing several times.

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